1- About us.




Medarplay (medarplay.com) is an Audio Distribution and Music Streaming platform for Music lovers, Artists, Labels and Fans across the globe. It also provides a marketplace/store where music fans/Lovers can buy songs from their favorite artist directly.



2- Our Features




A Music platform where users and lover of music can sign up, follow their favourite artists (spotlight), download their songs, stream songs, buy premium songs, share songs, embed them on other websites & watch music videos. Artists can also, connect with their Fans (followers), message them and get analytics of how their music is performing on our platform..



2- Contact us


Medarplay app will soon be available on Android, iOS and PC apps. This will help our users to access quality content without stress. So for now, browse through Medarplay.com, enjoy and share! 


Reach Us Here: Admin@medarplay.com

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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